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Ruko Kebon Jeruk Blok C No. 16
Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta Barat - 11530

Telp  : 021-53651177
Fax   : 021-53691034
Email : cvtermoplas@gmail.com


The basic characteristics of the raw materials employed, and the transformation technology allow us to create pipes and fittings with elevated characteristics both in terms of technology and quality:

Valsir - PEHDValsir - PEHDExtremely rapid and simple to install.

Valsir - PEHDExcellent compatibility with most chemical substances normally found in waste water, does not come under attack by micro-organisms.

Valsir - PEHDThanks to the extremely smooth internal surfaces pressure losses are reduced to a minimum; they also guarantee the absence of deposits or build-up of bacterial flora.

Valsir - PEHDAbsence of problems caused by stray currents.

Valsir - PEHDSuited to freezing temperatures (-40°C) and can be used for the hot water discharged from washing machines and dishwashers.

Valsir - PEHDIt adapts to bad weather; the carbon black contained in it avoids the oxidation process caused by U.V. rays thus allowing it be installed outdoors.

Valsir - PEHDThey are not prone to condensate formation thanks to the low heat conductivity.

Valsir - PEHDThey offer good dimensional stability (greater than the values established by the Standard UNI 7615 and DIN 8075) and they also meet the European Standard EN 1519.

Valsir - PEHDThe seals on the expansion sockets and the push-fit sockets are made with a special elastomer compound that guarantees a working life of over 50 years.

Valsir - PEHDAvailability of a vast range of special pieces that  provide flexibility in design and installation.

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